Genealogical and Historical Research Centre

The mission of the Mayholme Foundation is to promote and assist genealogical and historical research by collecting, storing and preserving historic documents and materials. To bring the public an awareness the role our ancestors played in the history of our community.

We are a non-profit charitable group dedicated to the study and collection of family history, and to preserve the heritage of families in the areas of old Lincoln and Welland Counties.

The volunteers at Mayholme have years of combined experience in genealogical and historical research. If we cannot help you we have a working knowledge of other repositories within the Niagara area and which families are being searched. Volunteers have a good knowledge of many of the genealogical software programs currently on the market and can demonstrate how to use them. Blank forms of family group sheets and pedigree charts are available free for recording your family groups. Beginners are welcome and hopefully we will not scare you off with information overload. Workshops on beginning genealogy and software programs are held when sufficient interest is expressed.

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